Political Overview: Hasty presentation of SPD draft election program, Coalition negotiations in Schleswig-Holstein can be opened between Greens, CDU and FDP

Chancellor candidate Martin Schulz did not attend the press conference in which the SPD draft election program was presented. Photo Credit: Olaf Kosinsky/Skillshare.eu

After two rough weeks following the elections in Schleswig-Holstein and North Rhine-Westphalia, the Social Democrats wanted to present the core issues of Martin Schulz’ election campaign: social justice and equality, to initiate the needed turnaround.

Originally the draft was supposed to be passed by the SPD’s executive board on Monday morning and presented shortly after. Instead, the vote on the board and the subsequent presentation was first called off on Sunday. After public criticism in newspapers, the original plan was re-instated Monday morning. Instead of an adequate presentation the program was presented by Katarina Barley, the SPD’s Secretary General, in a less than 10 minutes press-conference. Martin Schulz, who was criticised for his lack of involvement in the campaigns for the regional elections, also was not involved in the presentation. Other than expected, all of the key details on social security and taxation were missing in the presentation, as the Executive Board had not found a consensus on the matter.

Developments in Schleswig Holstein may be another reason for Martin Schulz becoming awkwardly silent, as the Greens decided to enter coalition negotiations with the CDU and FDP.

In current polls Ms Merkel (49%, +3) is ahead of Mr Schulz (36%, -4). Regarding party polls, the CDU scores 38% (+1). The SPD loses 1 point, dropping to 26%. The FDP, in its best result since 2010, would receive 9% (+1) if elections were held this week. Greens (8%) and the Left (6%) stagnate. The far right AfD  is at 9% (-1).

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