Expertise & Services

Conception & Advice

From your business and communication objectives, we develop a coherent event concept. At the beginning of our consultation, we discuss your needs and identify messages from it, we define target groups and then develop appropriate proposals for the form of the event. Based on the concept, we design a budget plan – in the end you decide which parts of the concept you want to realize with us.

Political Consultancy

Political and legal frameworks are often underestimated factors for a company’s success. As much as they can set limits, they can also open new business fields and sales markets. Political consultancy is more than political communication consultancy and affects other divisions – from general management, to marketing, sales and law up to corporate communications. Thus the task of political consultancy is the pooling of a company’s political interests and the strategical positioning towards political stakeholders.


We support you in every aspect of the technical implementation of your event. We take over the search for a suitable location, acquire external service providers and monitor their activities. We also coordinate preparations on site and ensure a smooth operation of the event while it takes place.

Communications Consulting

Media coverage has a decisive impact on the reputation of companies, governments or organizations. Strategic relations to press and public help you to foster good relations to journalists and to improve your standing in the public debate. In the digital era our strategies also make use of the possibilities of dialogue-oriented communications online. Together with you, we develop long-term communication plans, tailor-made messages and work together on their implementation.

Guest Speakers, Presenters and Artists

Tailored to your specific target groups, we create guest and participant lists and through appropriate marketing strategies we advertise effectively for the attendance of your event. Based on your requirements, we create a framework program for which we find appropriate speakers, moderators or artists. We work together with some of the most renowned speakers agencies in Germany.

Public Diplomacy

We support foreign governments, embassies and civil society stakeholders in their communication and in their relations with German politics and society. Intercultural competence as well as long-standing experience in working for foreign political actors form the basis for our excellent communication consultancy. Together with external partners we develop market strategies for states and design communication campaigns for the repositioning or further development of their image.

Live Communication

In order to achieve optimal communication efficiency, we provide the appropriate media coverage. We take care of inviting the press and of on-site handling, produce video and audio material for later use, or stream live on the Internet.