Political Consultancy

Political and legal frameworks are often underestimated factors for a company’s success. As much as they can set limits, they can also open new business fields and sales markets. Political consultancy is more than political communication consultancy and affects other divisions – from general management, to marketing, sales and law up to corporate communications. Thus the task of political consultancy is the pooling of a company’s political interests and the strategical positioning towards political stakeholders.

Strategy & Positioning

A clear positioning of your company in the political system is necessary to react to political developments or to proactively shape policies. We analyze how you are perceived by political actors, establish new relations and create a resilient political network for your organization. We assist you with your positioning on important issues, maintain the dialogue with other stakeholders and enable you to minimize risks and recognize opportunities.

Political Analysis

Political decision-making and legislative processes often appear as complex and inscrutable procedures. Many organizations ask themselves how political projects influence their work. We can inform you about relevant political developments and processes and assess your options to respond to policy decisions.

Alliance Building

We identify and recruit potential partners and create alliances to promote your concerns. We establish the contact to civil society and significant opinion leaders and thus ensure a positive public environment.

Lobbying & Advocacy

Through organized meetings and targeted lobbying we ensure that your voice will be heard directly in the political process. Suitable arguments are supported by scientific studies which are prepared by our research partners on our behalf. We ensure the strategic integration of government relations and public affairs work with PR, campaigns and events.
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