International Agency Network

dicomm advisors’ managing partner Ralf Welt has been acting as founder and member of the European Principal Group since June 2020. The EPG is a group of principals, each of which runs its own independent consulting agency.

Who are we

We’re a group of principals who each lead their own independent consultancy. Because we like, respect and trust one another, we’ve come together under EPG to pool our expertise and offer you one distinct service.

We all have decades of senior-level experience. Between us we’ve worked as diplomats, business leaders, lobbyists, government and political advisors, civil servants, journalists and educators.

We’ve worked at the forefront of sectors that include research, defence, security, technology, finance, aviation, energy, public policy and opinion, communication, education, tourism, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, consumer goods and the media.

We’ve each earned a reputation for sound judgement. And we all enjoy the networks and access that come with such repute.

Today, many of us chair or sit on the boards, think tanks, partnerships and commissions that help inform policy, forge links and shape the future across Europe.

What we do

We work with the CEOs, chief officers and senior leaders of major, often multinational, organisations. We give them the insight, analysis and advice they need to plan successful long-term strategies. And to survive in the here and now.

We can help you understand key government, legislative and economic issues across the wider Europe area. We can help you navigate the regulatory and political landscape. And we can help you identify new markets, understand your competition and position yourself to best advantage.

Our decades of senior-level experience gives us perspective. Which means we’re able to look ahead, anticipate trends and see what’s coming. We can help you adjust your corporate strategy in a changing global environment and identify and access your key stakeholders.

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