Olaf Bentlage

Olaf Bentlage is associated partner for the areas of media and PR.

Olaf Bentlage was press spokesperson for the FDP party in Baden-Würtemberg and organized several successful election canpaigns in his function as general manager. In this context he gained a great amount of experience in campaign and PR planing, as well as in crisis communications. In his position as office manager of the chairmen of the FDP parliamentary group, and as speaker of the FDP parliamentary group, Olaf Bentlage gained further experience at the federal level.

After his years in Stuttgart and Berlin, Olaf Bentlage was press speaker for the Federal Emplyment Agency in Nuremberg and as such responsible for the nationwide communication of 10 regional directorates. During this time he reported directly to the CEO Frank-J. Weise and was able to comprehensively refine his repertoire in crisis prevention and communication.

Before undertaking a step into self-employment, Olaf Bentlage worked as press spokesperson and head of the nationwide communication of the Federal Associaton of private providers of social services (bpa) e.V., the strongest association in members in German geriatric care. This enabled him to gain extensive experience in one of the most important future sectors of Germany.